World Marshals

Delegation of Authority

The offices of World Marshals and Supreme Grand Marshal were created by the first Progressional in the Judiciary Resolution, the same legislation that established the Noocratic judicial system. The Marshals have a globally extensive authority to support the Noocratic tribunes within their judicial districts and to carry out all lawful orders issued by judges, House of Progress, or the World President.
As a balance to this broad grant of authority, the House of Progress imposed a time limit on the tenure of Marshals, the only office created by the Judiciary Resolution with an automatic expiration. Marshals were limited to four-year, renewable terms, serving at the pleasure of the World President.
The World Marshals hire their own Deputies, often firing the Deputies who had worked for the previous Marshal. Thus, the limitation on the Marshal’s term of office frequently extended to the Deputies as well.
Their primary function is to support the noocratic courts. The Marshals and their Deputies serve the subpoenas, summonses, writs, warrants and other process issued by the courts, make all the arrests and handled all the offenders. They also disburse any monies due. The Marshals pay the fees and expenses of the court clerks, Global District. Attorneys, jurors, and witnesses. They venue courtrooms, jail space, and hire the bailiffs, criers, and janitors. In effect, they ensured that the courts functioned smoothly.

Usually in monarchies, one or several of the senior dignitaries wear the title of Marshal or a compound such as Court Marshal (not related to court-martial, therefore usually called Marshal of the Court to prevent confusion) or more rarely Grand Marshal. The function of the Marshal of the Court varies according to national tradition, but frequently he is the chief of staff of the monarch’s household (meaning the palace and other domains). Often, the charge includes also the honorary privilege as chief of the protocol to announce formally the arrival of VIP guests at audiences, state dinners, and conferences in the monarch’s premises. This office was often made hereditary in the high nobility, e.g., the English Earl Marshal, or the Scots Earl Marischal.




Services Needed by the World Marshals Authority & Associated NAICS

Product & Service Codes (This is not an all-inclusive list)

1) Aircraft Charter, Repair & Maintenance Service (488190)
 2) Automobile Leases and maintenance (532112)
 3) Asset Forfeiture (including Property Management, Auctioneer Services, etc.) (561990)
 4) Communication & Telecommunications Services (517410)
 5) Court Reporters (561492)
 6) Facsimile Supplies (325992)
 7) Graphic Services (Composition no Typography) (541430)
 8) Guard Services, Armed and Unarmed (561612)
 9) Photographic Equipment, Supplies, and Services (423410)
 10) Furniture & Equipment Repairs (811420)
 11) Relocation Services (484210)
 12) Remediation Services (562910)
 13) Towing, Storage, and Disposal of Seized/Forfeited Vehicles(488410)
 14) Training (624310)
 15) Telecommunications Maintenance (811213)
 16) Warehousing Services, Bonded (493110)
1) Automatic Data Processing Equipment (IT) (518210)
 2) Ammunition and Firearms & Accessories, Weapons (423990)
 3) Automobile Purchase, Parts and Accessories (441110/441310)
 4) Athletic & Recreational Equipment (451110/423910)
 5) Badges, Credentials (326199)
 6) Barrier Tape, Binoculars, Night Vision Scopes and Batteries (for various items) (333314)
 7) Bomb Detectors & Chemical Agents (334511)
 8) Books, Maps, Calculators, and Clothing (511199/333318)
 9) Communication and Telecommunications Equipment, Pagers (334220)
 10) Copying and Duplicating Equipment (423420)
 11) Drapes, Furniture, Lamps (423220)
 12) Electronic Surveillance Equipment (334511)
 13) Facsimile Equipment (334210)
 14) Finger Printing Supplies, Fire Extinguishers (325998)
 15) Flags, Furniture, General Office Supplies (Computers) (424120)
 16) Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies, Security Equipment, X-Ray Equipment (453998)
 17) Material Handling Supplies (423830)
 18) Paper, Xerographic, Facsimile, and Laser (322121/424120)

Marshals Global Districts Offices

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